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Form Capture

Forms Capture

A New Visual Visitor Feature

What is Visual Visitor’s Form Capture feature and how will this enhance my Lead Capture process through Visual Visitor? 


We all use forms on our website to try to capture who is showing interest in our product or service.  These range from your standard contact us forms to a required form for downloading content such as a whitepaper or datasheet.  But what happens after the form fill?  Many of us store this information in our CRM to create standard follow up process but wouldn’t it be great if we could tell when that prospect returned to our site?  This is where our new form capture system comes into play.

Visual Visitor can now be integrated with your company’s existing website forms.  This new feature allows you to track visitors that come to your site and fill out your lead capture form with the current and detailed data that the form collects.  Now when that visitor returns, the Visual Visitor alerts will show the specific and current information that was collected during that form capture.  You will also be able to keep using the Visual Visitor tag process to update/change the way that the visitor appears in your Dashboard.

With this new forms capture feature, Visual Visitor is going beyond just identifying companies, or tracking email campaigns, we are also collecting and tracking your form visitor data!

What is great about this feature, is that it was made it the Visual Visitor way, simple to setup and install.  With just a few easy steps, you will be up and running!



  •       Works with your existing forms
  •       Links to the page provided to pull all form data programmatically and does not require manual input
  •       Allows you the freedom to map the fields of your form to the fields offered in Visual Visitor
  •       Integrates with your other collected data for reporting and tracking purposes

Common questions: 

  •       Does this interrupt my current form setup?  No - your forms will run as they did before.  Visual Visitor gathers this data in the background and processes it outside of your current setup.  
  •       I have more than one form on the page, how does this work?  This is where the field mapping comes in to play.  Our product will pull all form information from the URL provided and you can map the fields however you would like!
  •       Will I be able to view form information on an individual basis from my Visual Visitor dashboard?  Yes, we have created a new menu item within the Reporting section of the dashboard that makes getting to your form data quick and easy.



Setup and Configuration:

  1.     To setup your Visual Visitor forms capture, first go to the Dashboard > Configuration > and click on Forms.
  2.     Next, you can choose to create a new form capture by clicking “New Form” or if you may simply select a form capture to edit.
  3.     Configure your new form capture by filling in the Form Name, Form URL (must be the full URL), any notes you have about the form, and if you would like it active or not.  Click Next to continue.
  4.     Next you have the Select Form section.  From here you can decide which of the forms detected is the form that you would like to capture.  Highlight the chosen form and click Next.
  5.     After you have selected the form to capture, you go to the Form Field Mapping section.  Here you map the form field names detected from the form published on your page to the field names that will be tracked and reported to you from Visual Visitor. 
  6.     The final step in the Visual Visitor form capture setup process is to copy the code provided in the Installation Code section by Visual Visitor.  You will then need to paste this code on the page containing the form.  When the form is submitted from your page, all functionality will remain the same with the additional action of sending the information to your Visual Visitor account!
  7.     And now your Visual Visitor Form Capture setup is complete!



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  1. Carrie Miller