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New Visual Visitor Feature Release

Over the past few months one of the most popular feature requests we have received is the ability to have more control over which companies are considered Businesses versus ISPs.  We are both happy and excited to announce our newest feature addition: the “Filter Companies” option.  This document will review the product enhancements, answer common questions and provide a preliminary release timeline.

This change was deployed the weekend of August 26th, 2016.

Product Enhancement

Filter Companies

By filtering companies, you are assisting the system in delivering the exact data you need. This area will allow you to...

  1. Mark companies as ISPs so they will not appear by default in dashboards, reporting and notifications
  2. Mark businesses that show as ISPs as businesses so that they do appear by default in dashboards, reporting, and notifications.

The system will allow you to perform these matches based on exact or contains matching. For exact matching (the safest option), the company name must match your request exactly. For contains matching, the system will match any company name that contains the phrase you input.  Contains matching should be used carefully, as it can have unintended results.

*The system can take up to 24 hours from the time of the entries to perform all of the modifications


Frequently Asked Questions

When will this feature be released?
This feature was deployed the weekend of August 26th.
Do I need to do anything for this change?
Yes.  Please become familiar with the new feature and contact our support team with any additional questions.  The video based tutorials can assist with this task.  
Will there be a price increase for these improvements?
We do not currently have plans to increase our pricing to our customers. 

At Visual Visitor have learned a lot from our customer feedback this year. As leaders in your industries, your innovation is both groundbreaking and wave-making and we look forward to your future feature requests and product improvement ideas.

We hope that our tools and feature sets have improved the way you do business.  Please do not forget to take advantage of our Blog which includes a variety of tips, tricks, and news to help grow your business and utilize the Visual Visitor product.


The Team at Visual Visitor

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