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How do I install Visual Visitor in Wordpress?

Installing Visual Visitor in Wordpress is a fairly straightforward process.  Please follow the steps listed below - 

  1. Login into your WordPress site and click appearance
  2. Then click editor
  3. There you will find the file named footer.php  (before editing the file copy the content to a notepad file so that if something gets wrong you can paste original code back in to start again)
  4. There you will find a code for original theme which will look like this:
    <?php (‘name’); ?> is proudly powered by<a href=””>WordPress</a>
  5. Place mouse right after the original code </body> tag and press space bar and add your script.
  6. Click update and the footer will be changed




* Visual Visitor strongly recommends making a backup copy of any files that you plan to change within Wordpress during this procedure.

** Visual Visitor is not responsible for any issues that might arise due to changes made in Wordpress.  

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  1. Casey Dickens