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Gmail Integration

This integration is a Chrome plugin, that will allow you to tag emails so you will know when someone opens them (without the read receipt notice) and will update the links in the email that go to your site with tagging. So once a recipient clicks one of the links to your site, you will always know when they are returning.

Click on the menu item for "Client Email".  Click the "Getting Started" option under "Client Email".  This has a link to our installation executable. Please download and execute to install our plugin, it will only take a minute.

Once it is installed, you will see a small VisualVisitor Icon next to your address bar in the top right-hand corner. Click this icon and enter your Visual Visitor credentials. This will authenticate the plugin to our systems.

Then when you go to compose an email, you will see additional options in your taskbar.  You will see "Tag" and a VisualVisitor Icon for "Templates".

Click here to download the Chrome Extension

 You can see more on this from the getting started section. Once you have it complete, be sure to send a test email. You can email a colleague or you could email us at  

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