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How do I track Keywords from Google

Google started encrypting keyword information several years ago.  This impacts EVERYONE trying to understand their keyword data and efforts. We have designed a workaround for our clients, to help them better understand their Adwords keyword data. 

If you make the change that we recommend below, you will have your Adwords keyword data added to your email notifications, as well as your dashboard and reports. 

Here are a couple of guides for you...

To determine from an organic or PPC/Adword effort on google.
For PPC/Adwords run the visit raw data report,
Look for the URLs with "gclid=" in them on column "Querystring" these are your PPC's.
*if it is from Google and doesn't have that it is organic search*

Google Adwords code - to get keyword searches from a visitor:

1.) Log in to Adwords.

2.) Go to the campaigns section, then select the campaign you want to edit.

3.) Next click on the "Settings" tab.

4.) Then click on the Campaign URL options.

5.) Edit the Tracking Template add the following, then click save.


To view the results from your Visual Visitor dashboard, you will need to run the raw data report by going to Leads > Reporting > Visit Raw Data Export, on the dashboard. The results will be in column E (Querystring).

Please see the attached document as well as your guide.


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