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Installing Visual Visitor on Drupal

The instructions below walk through installing the tracking codes on a Drupal site:

Follow the steps below to copy the Visual Visitor tracking code in your Drupal account.   

  • Log in to your Drupal admin dashboard
  • Click Structure in the main navigation menu.
  • Then select Blocks.    
  • Click + Add Block.
  • Fill in the fields for your new block. (Title, Description)
  • Paste the tracking code in the Block body field
  • Text Format= "Full HTML" Please note that in some versions of Drupal, you may need to click Plain Text Editor beneath the Block Body field to ensure that your text is entered as HTML instead of rich text.
  • Region Settings --> Bartik (Default Theme) <Footer>
  • Then click Save block.

Now you have installed your Visual Visitor Tracking codes.

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  1. Casey Dickens