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How does Call Tracking work?

Call Tracking works by assigning unique phone numbers to different advertising sources.  When the prospect sees your ad, they call the unique phone number which is then forwarded to your regular business phone (or whatever number you would like).  We are then able to collect metrics about the call, record and transcribe the call if you would like, notify you by text or email and many more options.  

This concept also extends to tracking online marketing efforts.  If you are running the latest version our our installation code, you will have the option to configure “Dynamic Number Insertion” (DNI).  DNI, is a simple but extremely helpful option.  It allows us to evaluate the source of the visitor and change the phone number displayed on your website a accordingly.  A great example of this, is configuring a tracking phone number of Google Adwords.  Once the number has been configured, any visitor that clicked on one of your Google Adword Ads, will have your unique Google Adwords tracking phone number displayed on your website instead of your regular business number.

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