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How people are using their data from Visual Visitor?

You have installed the code, setup an email campaign, maybe even configured Form Capture or Email Campaign - now what do you do with the data that is being collected and sent to you?


Not sure what to do with all the data that is being collected? Worried you might be missing a use for this data?

After talking with some of our customers, here are just a few of the common uses of the data collected by Visual Visitor...

The Perfectly Timed Phone Call.

How many sales have slipped away because your team did not have the tools to identify those anonymous website visitors that showed real interest in your product? Or, how many prospects did you miss because by the time your business was aware of their interest, they had already been wooed by a competitor’s pitch?

Now imagine that those potential customers are busy checking out your website…and the websites of your competitors. You’ve done your job and created wonderful content that fully describes your business, what you do, and described your product(s) so that those visiting can fully grasp the concept of you. Is it enough? What if you could proactively sell to those prospects before they shopped around? Enter The Perfectly Timed Phone Call.

How many sales would it take to justify $59 a month?.. With all leads included? Visual Visitor does not charge per lead. We charge per month. The leads are yours to keep!

Avoid the “Proposal Gone Cold”.

You spend a massive amount of time, money, and energy creating the perfect deal, only to have your contact disappear after the pitch. Why? Many times these contacts simply begin a silent follow up to the proposal. They will visit your website to review your information, or they will read white papers, etc. to look for data to validate your company and your plan. Visual Visitor helps you close that communication gap. We will inform you when those formerly anonymous visitors have returned to your website.  This will allow you to take immediate action with a perfectly timed follow up email or phone call.

Outbound Sales Effectiveness.

Cold calling is a common sales tool, and no matter how we try to avoid it, it will be around forever. What happens after the call?  How many of those contacts that you reached or left messages for will ever pick up the phone?  Most of the time, if they listen to your voicemail, they will quietly visit your website to review your product or service but never call back.  With Visual Visitor’s Anonymous Visitor Tracking and Identification you will now be able to identify those anonymous website visitors. This will show who you are reaching making it easier to focus your sales efforts. Knowing that the calls and or emails that are sending out are working or not working can help you to define and strategize better.

How awesome would your outbound sales plan be if you had the ability to know which of your contacts were actually visiting your website after the initial contact?

Market Segmentation.

Marketing is, beyond a doubt, complex and getting more so every day. PPC, SEO, Email, Landing pages, Events, and social media all drive people to evaluate your products and services.  Have you stopped to evaluate if you are attracting the right industries?  With Visual Visitor, you can gain a better understanding of companies evaluating your products and services. Knowing which marketing plans – social media marketing, banner ads, etc – are bringing the most clicks AND conversions can help drive a more effective marketing plan. Marketing is expensive. Knowing what is working and what is not can make a huge difference in your marketing bottom line. Not to mention that your sales team will thank you for attracting better leads that convert more easily.

Would you like to streamline your marketing plan and spend your marketing budget more effectively?

Happy to help!

As always, we are more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns. Please email our Support Team or open a Help Desk ticket and one of our knowledgable Visual Visitor Team will contact you!

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