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How Email Tracking Works

Email tracking is defined as the ability to monitor email delivery and send a notification back to the sender that the message was read or previewed.

Visual Visitor takes that basic definition and expands it to better meet the needs of our client base – both current and future. With the Visual Visitor Email Tracking service, you will know the following: 

  • When your email message was read
  • The geographic location it was read from
  • The date and time that the message was opened
  • Each time it was opened (not just the first time it was opened)
  • How long it took for that first open to occur
  • How many times it was opened

Wow! All of this will happen behind the scenes, invisible to the recipient. And even better, with Visual Visitor’s Marketing Toolkit, it is affordable!

What makes this feature even better is that the history of the tracked emails is also available directly from your Visual Visitor dashboard. Never again will you wonder if your email was received or read, or have to spend time going through past emails to verify that emails were opened. Visual Visitor puts all of this data and more at your fingertips!

Are you wondering what your email recipients will see when they receive an email from you that has been tagged with Visual Visitor’s affordable email tracking? Nothing! Our Email Tagging is invisible to the recipient – only you will know. This informational data will help your sales team work their way through the sales pipeline with an advantage that your competitors might not have. Tag, Send, Track with Visual Visitor’s Email Tracking feature. Click here to learn more.

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  1. Casey Dickens