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How much does Visual Visitor cost? Our Simple, Clear Pricing.

For just $59/month with Visual Visitor, you get:

  • 3 users
  • Unlimited subdomains (blogs, etc)
  • 20,000 pageviews (most users have less than 2,500 pageviews each month)
  • Can be installed on an unlimited number of domains

Optional costs:

  • Additional users: $10/month each
  • Additional page views over 20,000: $5/month per 5,000 page views

Please note: Resellers need to set up separate accounts for each client to prevent clients from viewing each other leads.  This pricing is for the Standard Visual Visitor Account.  For Reseller Pricing, please call 800-586-7730.


To convert your free trial to a paid account, follow these simple steps:

First, Login to Visual Visitor dashboard

Second, Click the Red Sign Up button at bottom left

Third, Follow the 3 Step Sign Up Wizard

You will then have an active paid account and be able to enjoy all the benefits of Visual Visitor!

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