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Number of Visitors not matching with my Google Analytics...


I was looking at my google analytics and we get over 20 visitors on our main page per business day. I looked at Visual Visitor report, and I only see 6 leads. For example, yesterday we had 20+ visitors according to google analytics. However, you only show 6 leads. Why is there such a disconnect between the number of visitors and the number of leads? Shouldn't t around 20 leads since we got over 20 visitors?

I'm trying to understand if you capture everyone that comes to the main page or not.


We only identify the business visitors.   So you only had 6 visitors from business connections (internet connections).

We do catalogue the non-business visitors ...
Login > Dashboard > Search Leads > uncheck 'Only Search Companies' > Search
The Results of this will include your other visitors.  You can then export to Excel.

We do not alert on the non-business visitors (as there is not really anything actionable you can do with those).

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  1. Rick Batchelor