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Why am I not receiving leads after successfully installing the code?


Gathering leads depends on the type of traffic your website is receiving. By default, Visual Visitor only shows the companies

visiting your site.  If there are only individual consumers viewing your web page who show up as their ISP, leads will

not be generated. If you want to see that you are getting traffic to your site even though you have not gotten any leads, follow

the steps below:


Search Leads > UnCheck 'Only Search Companies' > Search


You will be able to see that you do have traffic to your site, just not companies that are using a regisitered IP address.  If a small

business (home users, someone working from home,etc) visits your site through their Internet Service Provider, they will show

up as that ISP (AT&T, Comcast, etc).


For our customers who do receive a lot of traffic from those types of users/businesses, we recommend looking at our Identify ANYONE

email campaing feature.  This is also part of the Visual Visitor package and fully functional during the free trial.  If you would like to

learn more about this feature, please let us know.  We have easy step-by-step instructions available!


Thank you,

Visual Visitor Support

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  1. Madison Neely