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Using Identify ANYONE with MailChimp

Set Up MailChimp using Identify ANYONE
A Visual Visitor Email Campaign Feature
In this section we will cover setting up an email campaign with MailChimp using the URL created by Visual Visitor. Remember, this powerful tool is a part of your $59/month plan! If you
do any email marketing, or even if you are looking to more closely follow the traffic from a single user, this can be a very powerful tool. Email Marketing and/or sending out Newsletters
is a wonderful marketing tool for small businesses, but lately a lot of businesses have looked more toward social media to do their marketing. This can be a huge missed opportunity!
Here are 5 ways that a small business can benefit from an email marketing strategy:
  1. Possibly one of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that it allows you to connect with your customer directly. An innovative and “smart” campaign can grab the attention of your target customer.
  2. Email Marketing is a very low cost tool.
  3. Prompt sales from new customers, encourage repeat purchases and increase sales conversion.
  4. Increase company awareness, keep your company name fresh in your customers minds and drive targeted traffic to your site!
  5. Fast delivery that will allow you to reach customers quickly with offers and information.
But the most important benefit is the trackable and measurable results from your campaigns. Sure the campaign services online can tell you who clicks through your email and where
they go, etc., but what they can’t do is where Visual Visitor steps in. We tell you where they went that first visit when they click through your email, but we then tell you when they come
back! Let’s get started and you can see the power of our Identify ANYONE feature first hand...
  • Step One: Sign up for a MailChimp account

MailChimp offers a free account with up to 2,000 subscribers. You can send 12,000 emails to those 2,000 subscribers for free! 


  • Step Two: Choose your MailChimp Campaign email type.

Go to your Campaigns section and click on Create a Campaign. Next you will need to choose the type of campaign to send: Regular, Plain-Text, A/B Split, RSS-Driven Campaign. For

the purposes of this instructional document, we will be sending a Regular (HTML email). 

  • Step Three: Enter Subscriber Information.

Since we are setting this up for demonstration purposes, we will send this campaign to ourselves as a test. 

  • Step Four: Enter your Campaign Info.
  • Step Five: Select a template.

Again, for instructional purposes, we just chose the column layout. 

  • Step Six: Design your email.

Okay, this is the section that you can customize for your business. At the top, it is always good to have your company logo or a company image that you can link back to your

website. Make this link a productive link by embedding the Visual Visitor code within the link. To do this you should first add the image. 

Then click on the “link” link in blue from the menu on the right side of your screen. This will bring up a box that asks you to type in the Web Address (URL) that you would

like to link to that image. You should place the link created from Visual Visitor’s Email URL Builder in this section. Please refer back to the Identify ANYONE documentation

for steps on creating this Email URL. For the purposes of this documentation, our Visual Visitor link was created with the Optional Fields for Company Name, Phone Number,

First Name and Last Name checked. 

  • Step Seven: Update Merge Tags.

The Merge Tags for the different email campaign companies can be different, so Visual Visitor leaves name place holders for you to go in and change within the specific

product you are using. In MailChimp the tags Merge Tags that Visual Visitor tracks are:

• *|FNAME|*
• *|LNAME|*
• *|EMAIL|*
• *|PHONE|*
• *|COMPANY|* 

For this example we will update this code...*|COMPANY|*&essphone=*|PHONE|*&essfirstname=*|FNAME| *&esslastname=*|LNAME|*&essid=*|EMAIL|* 


** When you have updated all the features and links that you would like to update, it is always beneficial and highly recommended to send a test message to yourself before sending it to your contact list. 

Now once a potential or current customer clicks on that image, their Company Name, Phone Number, Email, First Name and Last Name will be sent to Visual Visitor and be available from the Dashboard and included in all reports.
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