Anonymous Visitor Identification Common Uses

Anonymous Visitor Identification Common Uses


Gauge Outbound Sales Effectiveness

Are you using social media for advertising? Are your cold calling methods effective? Wouldn’t you like to know which calls visit the site for more information? No longer are those visitors anonymous with Visual Visitor. We will tell you who is visiting and where they are coming from. Knowing which social media and marketing campaigns are sending the traffic to your website not only once, but repeatedly, will enable you to determine the effectiveness of those campaigns.

Track the Deal Gone Cold

How many times have your salespeople found that the lead has disappeared after the big pitch? Many times this happens as the potential customer evaluates other products or makes product comparisons. Not to worry, Visual Visitor will be tracking them long after the pitch and let you know when they return. Whether it is a day, a week, or a month later – Visual Visitor’s Website Visitor Tracking will be watching and let you know!

The Timely Phone Call

By identifying the potential leads as they are visiting your site, Visual Visitor allows your sales staff to make the perfectly timed phone call. This insight will give your team an advantage over the competition as you can engage in the sales process earlier, build on these relationships, and close more sales.

Market Segmentation

There are many social media marketing outlets available today, and they require a financial investment. Tracking the effectiveness of those campaigns outside of the provider can help you know more about the different types of companies that are evaluating your products and services.

New Lead Identification

Visual Visitor will alert you of all new opportunities within your target market with real-time notifications. This information can be designated to the appropriate sales reps for prospecting. Your sales reps are armed with such powerful information with our realtime alerts, built-in research links and list of possible contacts, they are able to make an impactful first impression on your next new client!

Existing Pipeline  

Most businesses will research at least 5 or more vendors during their decision-making process. Most likely, these prospects are also researching your competitors on the market. Your sales and marketing team is now armed with information on this lead and can introduce themselves early on in the buyer's journey while creating/maintaining a sales pipeline.  

Existing Customers  

This is often the quickest route to additional revenue through up-sell opportunities. Studies show that it is easier to sell to an existing customer over a brand-new opportunity. The moment a customer hits your website a notification can be sent to the appropriate sales reps alerting them of the details of the visit and buying intent giving your rep the chance to upsell the client as well as perfect customer service.

Lost Prospects

Every company at some point over time, is likely to lose some of their customers which means they could just as easily leave their next vendor too. Just as well as the prospects who were never closed my be leaving their vendor. With “Real-Time” notifications and our “Watch List” you will never miss out on a lost prospect again!

Avoid the “Proposal Gone Cold”

We have all been there, you send a proposal and that is the last you hear from the prospect.  Know when they are returning to your website for additional information.

Outbound sales effectiveness

Are the companies you are cold calling visiting your website?  Use Visual Visitor to assist in gauging the effectiveness of your outbound campaigns.

Email campaigns, after the click

With the integrated email campaign feature, you can gain an understanding of who is visiting your site and when after the initial email campaign.  Once the individual is tagged, you will always know when they return.

Market Segmentation  

Gain an understanding of the types of companies you are attracting to your site with your current marketing strategy.


Keep track of your everyday analytics and Keyword efforts

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