Automatic Contact Credit Refund - Best Guarantee In the Industry

Automatic Contact Credit Refund - Best Guarantee In the Industry

Our Email Confidence Score is designed to make sure you're getting the most out of our contact database. If we're not confident that an email address is accurate, we will automatically refund your contact credit. Any Real-Time Email Confidence Score that falls below 40 will automatically be credited back to your account. This is the industry's best guarantee!

What does this mean to you?‚Äč

When you search for contacts in our database, feel free to click on whatever lead looks most promising. If the contact receives a Real-Time Email Confidence score of less than 40, we'll refund your contact credit. This happens automatically so you don't need to request a refund. Your team can then decide whether or not to use this email or look for other contacts. 

*Note - Just because an email has a low confidence score, does not mean the email is not deliverable and valid

This feature makes sure there are no risks associated with using our database. You can click on low-quality leads without wasting contact credits. You can cast your prospecting net wide without losing valuable credits.

Interested in the Email Confidence Score? Click here to read more about it. 
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