Can I Run Plus Person and B2B Scripts at the Same Time?

Can I Run Plus Person and B2B Scripts at the Same Time?

Can I run two Visual Visitor Scripts at once?

Short answer, no. 

We strongly recommend against  using both the B2B script and +Person script at the same time. 
Each script is designed to acquire specific data, and will be competing against itself.

Why are competing scripts a problem? Wont it just affirm the data? 

No. In fact, this could do the opposite. 
As we mentioned, the data each script is designed to acquire is different.
  1. Plus Person is designed to obtain First Name, Last Name, Email Address and up to 37+ other points of data at a house hold level. Meaning, it will identify the individual who is recognized as the "head of household." +Person is designed to be in compliance with US privacy laws.
  2. B2B+Employee is designed to obtain Company Name, Company Information, Company Contacts (when applicable) and possibly the employee on your site. Identifying an employee and identifying at a house hold level are completely different, even in a work from home scenario. B2B is designed in compliance with national privacy laws.

If you have B2B but do not receive employee email leads, you could have a Legacy account.
You can reach out to Support or your Sales Representative to upgrade your plan or learn more about our new +Employee benefits!

Visual Visitor is designed as a one-or-the-other platform.

Running both scripts will confuse the code and lead to a much higher risk inaccurate identifications. 

We allow Free Trials for both! 

If you are unsure about which Visual Visitor platform would be best for you and your company, try them both. At separate times of course.
You can try the full free trials of both platforms. Once one finishes, you can let your sales rep know you would like to test the other platform. They will be happy to assist you in setting up. 

If you still have questions please reach out to Support, here.

We are always happy to help!
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