Client Email Integrations

Client Email Integrations

This integration works with both Outlook and Gmail, which will allow you to tag emails so you will know when someone opens them (without the read receipt notice) and will update the links in the email that goes to your site with tagging. So once a recipient clicks one of the links to your site, you will always know when they are returning.

Login to your dashboard and navigate to the “Client Email” tab on the left-hand side. Next, click the drop-down and select “Getting Started”. From here you will download the Chrome extension for G-Suite or the Outlook Plugin. Note - you will need to close Outlook before downloading.  

After downloading the Chrome Extension or Outlook Plugin, you will need to authenticate with your Visual Visitor credentials to activate this feature. This is done by clicking on the Visual Visitor chrome extension icon or click on the Visual Visitor settings icon on your Outlook toolbar. 

After you authenticate the Client Email Feature. You will now see additional options within the taskbar when composing an email. For G-Suite you will see the option to “Tag” along with a Visual Visitor icon for templates. Within Outlook, you will have the option “Track Message” and a Visual Visitor icon for templates.

You can see more on this from the getting started section. Once you have it complete, be sure to send a test email. You can email a colleague or you could email us at  

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