Does Intent Data Identify the Shopper By Name?

Does Intent Data Identify the Shopper By Name?

Intent Data uncovers the businesses that are engaging with your keywords and competitors online. How does this work? Our crawlers scour the internet looking for businesses that are searching relevant keywords and visiting your competitor sites.

The name of the employee who is shopping remains hidden. However, our Who to Contact database can help you determine:
  1. Which employee is most likely to be the shopper
  2. Which employee will be most receptive to your sales pitch
Our Contact Database is equipped with over 600 million contacts. In addition to emails and company numbers, we also offer direct lines and cell phone numbers. The best part is you can apply filters to receive targeted results. Not every employee at a company will have use for - and therefore understand the value of - your products. By applying filters, you can narrow down your results to find your ideal contact at a company.

Which filters do we offer?
  1. Job Title
  2. Job Level 
  3. Job Function
  4. Job Start Date
  5. Contact Age
  6. Contact Skill
  7. Contact Former Employer
  8. Contact Location (Country, State, City)
And more!

Curious about Intent Data? Learn more about it here.
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