Email Campaign Guide for "Other Systems"

Email Campaign Guide for "Other Systems"

Use the following steps to create an email campaign and replace the correct mapping variables. Be sure to note the examples provided for you.

1.       Log in to the dashboard.

2.       “Configuration” tab --> “Email Campaigns”.

3.       Click on “Add New Email Campaign”. 

4.       Give the Campaign a “Campaign Name”. As well as filling in the optional fields.

5.       Click on the “Create Email Campaign” button.

6.       Find the campaign you just created on the list, then click on the “Yellow” box under options.

7.       Change the “Campaign Type” to “Other Systems”.

8.       Select the optional fields of “Company name”, “First Name”, and “Last Name”.

9.       Paste in your destination URL. An example would be

10.   Click on the blue “Create Email Campaign Link” and copy the code generated for you. Once you have copied the code, paste it into a notepad for editing.

11.   This next step involves replacing the mapping variables, so I have provided you with an example below. Here is how the generated code will look. I have highlighted the text that you will need to replace with your email campaign variables.

12.   Once you have replaced the Variables, you will copy and paste the new destination URL in the call to action section of your email.

Feel free to submit a ticket or contact support if you would like to set up a call to walk through this setup!

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