Filter Companies

Filter Companies

By filtering companies, you are assisting the system in delivering the exact data you need. This area will allow you to mark companies as ISPs so they will not appear by default in dashboards, reporting, and notifications. You can perform the opposite as well, you can mark known companies to prevent them from ever being classified as ISPs. The system will allow you to perform these matches based on exact or contains matching. For exact matching (the safest option), the company name must match your request exactly. Contains matching should be used carefully, as it can have unintended results. Contains matching will match any company name that contains the phrase you input.

Take the following steps to do so:

1.) Login to the dashboard

2.) Navigate to the "Configuration" tab.

3.) Select "Filter Companies" in the dropdown menu. 

4.) Filter your leads by "Known ISP Entity List" or "Known Business Entity List". 

5.) "Add a Known ISP Entity" or "Add a Known Business Entity".