Form Capture Features and Benefits

Form Capture Features and Benefits

Visual Visitor can now be integrated with your company‚Äôs existing website forms. This new feature allows you to track visitors that come to your site and fill out your lead capture form with the current and detailed data that the form collects. Now when that visitor returns, the Visual Visitor alerts will show the specific and current information that was collected during that form capture. 


With our form capture feature, Visual Visitor is going beyond just identifying companies, or tracking email campaigns, we are also collecting and tracking your form visitor data!


What is great about this feature, is that it was made it the Visual Visitor way, simple to setup and install.  With just a few easy steps, you will be up and running!

  1. Works with existing forms
  2.  Links to the page provided to pull all form data programmatically, does not require manual input
  3. Allows you the freedom to map the fields of your form to the fields in Visual Visitor
  4. Integrates with your other collected data for reporting and tracking purposes
  5.  Tags the visitor to track every return visit in the future to your website


Learn how to set yours up here

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