High Intent Indicators

High Intent Indicators

The probability that a customer will buy a product is known as IntentCustomers with serious interest in your products have High Intent-in other words, they're strong leads. Intent is an important metric in sales. It helps you identify and pursue high-quality leads. 

But how do you go about calculating Intent?

There are several factors which determine a customer's Intent score. The first and most significant component is Intent Data. Intent Data indicates a customer's interest in a product. The most common form of Intent Data is search history. When someone searches for "best accounting software", they're expressing interest in purchasing software. The number of times they type in these keywords factors into their Intent score. 

Let's assume you have access to Intent Data. You have a list of businesses that have searched your preferred keywords. You feel confident that these businesses are interested in your products-but how do you know they're interested in your business? Plenty of your competitors offer similar products and pricing plans. Some of these leads are bound to choose another vendor.

That's where our Website and Email Tracking software kicks in. We can tell you which companies are browsing your site and opening your emails. Instead of waiting for a response, you can find out instantly when your proposal has been opened. And you can see which pages on your website are attracting attention. 

Intent Data coupled with our tracking software gives you a good idea of your leads' Intent. We can tell which businesses are:
  1. Interested in your products or services
  2. Engaging with your email proposals
  3. Browsing your website
You can use this information to determine which leads are worth pursuing. 
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