A Step-By-Step Guide for Using Our Contact Database

A Step-By-Step Guide for Using Our Contact Database

How to Search Contacts

-Click on the Who To Contact tab. Select Search Contacts

-If you know which company or contact you're looking for, take advantage of the Quick Search button. Fill in the company details or contact name in the appropriate boxes and then select search.

-If you're looking for new leads, click on the Advanced Search button. This will allow you to search based on your preferred criteria. To apply a filter, click on the drop-down menu and then check off your desired criteria. Some of the search bars allow you to type while others act as a menu with items you can click on. When you're done applying filters, hit Search.

-If you wish to save a contact, click the check box on the desired contact. Bear in mind that clicking on or saving a contact will result in a credit being deducted from your balance.

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