How to Modify Notification Settings

How to Modify Notification Settings

Want to update your notification rules? 

Depending on your settings when you get a new lead it notifies your email inbox. Visual Visitor has pre-set notification rules, but you might want to play with the numbers to see which one fits your needs best. 
There are four notification rules you can adjust
  1. Send Instant Email Alerts

Sends an email whenever a visitor views pages of your website.
  1. Send Daily Email Reports

Sends daily reports showing the top most active visitors each day.
  1. Send Weekly Email Reports

Sends weekly report showing the top most active visitors each week.
  1. Send URL Email Alerts

Watch these URLs and send an email if a visitor lands on them. Even if none of the other rules match.

Each of these notifications is automatically set when you start your account. However, the automated notification rules may not be what's best for you. Follow these steps to update your notification rules. 

Log into your Visual Visitor

Step 1:

From your menu select 'Lead Handling -> Notification Rules'. 

Step 2:

You will see all four of the notification rules that can be adjusted. You can also uncheck any of the boxes to remove those notification alerts altogether. 

Step 3:

‚ÄčAnother option for your notifications is to 'Add URL to Watch.' This is the yellow button at the bottom of your Notification Rules page. 
Adding a URL to your watch list allows you to be alerted when someone views a specific page on your website. For example, if someone visits your pricing page you will be notified. This way you don't have to funnel through to see which leads did what. 
Insert your website page into the pop-up window and select 'Create Notification URL.' 

If you are happy with your changes select 'Update My Notification Rules' to save your changes. 

This will only change the alerts for the profile of the user who made the changes.

Want notifications from certain states? Click here

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