How to Update or Remove Data in Our Public Company Directory

How to Update or Remove Data in Our Public Company Directory

Visual Visitor’s Company Directory was designed to help B2B sellers get in touch with the right people. Our data is frequently vetted to reflect personnel changes however, if you do come across defunct data, you can easily submit an update request.


To submit an update request, visit the Update Your Company Profile page.


You can also make changes by clicking on the appropriate company in the directory, scrolling down, and clicking Is this data correct? This will take you to the Update Request page.

Fill in the necessary data including your company name, website, and address. You also need to provide your contact details.

When you’ve finished filling out your details, scroll down and hit Submit.

Bear in mind, updates can take up to 60 days to process. If the information isn't updated within this timeframe, you can contact us by phone or send an email to

*If you would like to remove data, you can indicate this on the Update Details page by filling in the fields with "remove." You can also put your removal request in the Update Description box.

Interested in B2B Contact Data? Click here to read more about it.

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