How to Use Your Who's Shopping Dashboard

How to Use Your Who's Shopping Dashboard

With over 500 million contacts, our database is equipped to dramatically increase your list of leads. To make prospecting easier, we've compiled some stats from your campaigns and inputted them into your Who's Shopping Dashboard. This page allows you to check in on your prospecting campaigns and highlights some of your most promising leads.

To access your dashboard, click on Who's Shopping and then Dashboard.

-The Average Score box indicates how we rate your leads. The higher the score, the better the prospect. Some factors which contribute to score include how many times a contact searches your keywords and whether or not they open your proposal.

-The Total Leads box states how many leads your campaign has generated.

-The Competitors box lists the number of companies engaging with your competitors. 

-The Accounts at Risk box indicates how many of your current customers are browsing your competitors' websites. These accounts are at risk of leaving your business for your competitors.

-Your Dashboard also includes a breakdown of Distribution By Industry. This tells you what percentage of your leads belong to each industry. 

-The Companies Showing the Most Interest section displays leads that are earning the highest score. These companies deserve you attention. 

-At the bottom, we also include a Distribution By Total Employee and a Distribution By Annual Sales. These give you a rough estimate of the size of your leads.  

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