WebID +Person

I am running WebID +Person on an application where the users log in. Why would the login email not match the Identified user email?

 Expectation:  WebID +Person Identifies the user logging in by the email address they use to log in.

The explanation why this is generally not the case.

  • People (1 Person)
    • Profile (3 - 6 Profiles)
      • Device (3 to 9 possible devices)
        • Profile * Device Combinations means 9 to 54 possible combinations

"People" use your system by logging in with an email address.  However, every person has multiple "Profiles" (defined by email address).  Most people have 3 to 6 profiles. If these profiles are not linked in an identity graph, it may appear you have the wrong person being identified. This is generally not the case.

  • Types of profiles
    • Professional Profiles
      • Your current employer
      • Your former employer(s)
      • A former employee that used your computer in the past (if not wiped clean)
    • Personal Profiles
      • Your Primary Personal 
      • Your old/former profile(s) (that old AOL you still have, for instance)
      • Your spouse's email (If you have ever shared computers)
    • Stealth Profiles
      • Your Side Hustle
      • Temporary Email addresses
      • Your Shopping Profile
      • That social media profile you tested on that 'New Social platform."
      • Your "other" profiles (we won't talk about this one)

Additionally, each of those profiles uses one or more of many devices:

How many Devices do you have?

  • Work laptop
  • Work Tablet
  • Work Phone
  • Personal laptop
  • Your Spouse's Laptop
  • Personal Tablet
  • Your Spouse's Tablet
  • Your Persona Cell Phone
  • Connected TV (several per household)
  • Gaming Devices
  • Other Devices (several per household)

Other Factors:

  • USA Only
  • Household-level
  • No Children identified
  • Every email you have or ever had could become a 'Profile".

With over 54 different Profile Combinations, having an identification tool identify the ONE profile you expect is simply not likely.

While you are hoping that the email logging in is the same as the identified email, without a way to reconcile the unknowns to the knowns (such as an identify graph), this exercise is not recommended solution for determining the success of Identification.

The best way to reconcile and determine success is through marketing response rates (typically email).

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