Lets Go Over the Main Dashboard

Lets Go Over the Main Dashboard

Now that you have signed up for your 14-day Free Trial, how do you get started and enjoy the benefits of the Visual Visitor Sales Intelligence Platform? Our first recommendation is that you sign up for a one-on-one walkthrough with an expert to make sure that you are understanding and getting the most out of all the tools that are at your disposal. If you haven’t done that yet, you can sign up here. Next, let’s walk through the main Dashboard page and make sure you are familiar with the tools and the data that you will find immediately when you log in.


Your Dashboard

The first thing that you will see when you log in to your Visual Visitor Dashboard, is this amazing at-a-glance overview that wraps up your company’s website activities. The data that you will see here is dependent on the dates chosen at the top of the page. If you would like to see for the day, week, or month, it is just a simple click and there you go!

Things You Will Find on the Main Dashboard Page

The main dashboard page covers your basic website activities to keep you up-to-date on how your website is performing and how active are the visitors that are coming to your site to learn more about you and your service or product.

Identified Companies

Click the view all link to see the leads that have come to your website. Once you pull up the leads, you will get a listing of those leads that have visited. Clicking on the magnifying glass next to the lead will break it down even further and provide such things as Company Information, Pages Viewed, time spent, and more.

From here you can also Tag a Lead, Send this lead to your CRM, Mark as an ISP, Forward to a co-worker, add to your Watch list, or Exclude.

There is a lot hidden in this section and we recommend that you take a moment and familiarize yourself with what you will find when you click the different links. For example, when you are working with a particular contact, simply adding them to your watch list allows you quick access to their history and can swiftly prepare you for a critical call by knowing what they are researching and where on your website they spend the most time.

Email Visitors

Clicking the view all link from this section gives you a quick Email Campaign Overview graph as well as a listing of email visitors. What is an email visitor? These are visitors to your website that were tagged through an email link.  You will find an at-a-glance graph that shows first-time email visitors compared to unique email visitors and the trending page views.

Scrolling further down this page will also show you a listing of email visitors and their page views. You can click on the magnifying glass next to the email address and find yourself back in the contact breakdown window to see the details of this visitor. You can also Tag, Send to CRM, Mark as ISP, Forward, Watch or Exclude just as you could from the Identified Companies window.

Form Capture Visitors

Clicking the view all link from this section takes you to the Forms Capture Breakdown. You will quickly be able to pull the data from a particular form, who filled it out, and so much more! Visual Visitor will track visitors that come to your site and fill out your lead capture form with the current and detailed data that the form collects.  Now when that visitor returns, the Visual Visitor alerts will show the specific and current information that was collected during that form capture.

Page Views

Knowing how many page views your website is receiving is very important as well as understanding those visitors, what is driving them, and learning more about who they are. Clicking on the view all link from this section will take you to a breakdown of your pageviews and site traffic. You will see how many of your visitors are from identifiable companies, unique, and how many pages are viewed in the first graph on the page. Next to this, you will get a quick first-time vs returning visitors view. Scrolling down it is broken down even further by location and engagement level (did they come to the site and bounce right back out or did they look around a bit before they left?).

Latest Visitors and Site Traffic Overview

This next section is a quick view of the latest visitors to the site for you to see real-time as you glance through your main dashboard page as well as the site traffic overview graph.

Latest Keywords

What are the words people are using that drive them to visit your website? That information integrated with AdWords is found here. You will see your latest keywords listed right on the dashboard with a Show More button that will increase the list right there. If you want to dive deeper into your keyword lists, click the View All link that will take you to the section that breaks the visitors down Direct vs Referral, the Referral sources, and Keywords tracked. You will also find information on Social Media Referrals at the bottom of this page.


Your main Visual Visitor Dashboard page was designed to provide our users with quick access to data that shows the traffic your website is generating. Whether that traffic is organic, through keywords, or email campaigns, we know it is important to have an understanding of how your website is performing. We also wanted you to have links to dive deeper when you see any numbers that are out of sync with your history.


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