+Person Zapier Integration

+Person Zapier Integration

What is Zapier? 

Zapier is a no-code automation tool that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows. This allows you to easily automate your work across 5,000+ applications without having to have coding skills that most direct integrations require. 

What is the benefit of using the Visual Visitor's WebID +Person Zapier Trigger? 

Visual Visitor offers several Zapier Triggers that send data from our application to the intended system our clients use on a daily basis. Our WebID +Person trigger is another option to easily send information from Visual Visitor to your application. 

Simply put, Visual Visitor's Web ID +Person trigger allows you to easily connect and push your identified website visitor data from Visual Visitor to your CRM, Mailing List, or 1,000's of other applications in a automated process to connect to your current workflows and/or processes. This helps cut out the middle man work of having to manually export and upload this information into your applications. 

How do I configure my Zapier integration to send identified website visitors to my application? 

Setting up your zapier integration is quick and easy! Best of all, it does not require any type of development knowledge. Use the following steps listed below to connect your Visual Visitor account to Zapier and start sending website visitors to your application. For our guide today, we are going to show you how to connect Visual Visitor to a Google Sheet and send over your data!

1. Login to your Zapier account. If you do not have one already, you can sign up for a free one here.

Once logged in, you will click on '+ Create Zap' as shown below. 

2. For your Trigger event, you will search for 'Visual Visitor - WebID +Person Identification' in the search box and select this option. 

3. Next, you will select the Event of 'New Person Identified' and click Continue.

4. After clicking Continue, you will be asked to connect your Visual Visitor Account. 

This will present you with a pop up window asking for and API Key and Email Address. 

To find your API Key, you will login to your Visual Visitor Account. Once logged in, navigate to 'Configuration -> Users' and Edit your User profile.

This will bring up your user profile. From here, click on 'Other Integrations' and check the box to 'Enable Zapier Integration' to generate your API Key. 
Be sure to 'Update User' after copying your API Key to ensure this saves to your account. 

Next, enter your API Key and Email Address tied to your Visual Visitor Account. The click 'Yes, Continue.'

5. After connecting your account, you will be prompted to test your trigger. Here you will select the button to 'Test trigger' and push over the available fields and sample data that can be mapped to your application. 

As you can see, there are many data points that can be pushed to your system. For example, I have listed the data points for your below. 


6. After configuring your Trigger Step, you will then set up your Action Step. This is where you want the data to be delivered to.  In this step, you will have the option to map select fields or all available fields to be pushed to your application. Whichever your prefer. 

Again, for our example today, we are going to send this information to a Google Sheet. For this, we are going to select Google Sheets as our Action Step. 

For our Event, we are going to choose to 'Create Spreadsheet Row' as shown below. Then click 'Continue.'

This next step will prompt you to choose your Google Sheets Account. 

Click on + Connect a new account if yours is not already synced and authenticate your Google account to allow access to post to your Google Sheet. 

7. Now it's time to Set Up our Action. Here you will map your available fields that you want pushed to your Google Sheet. In my example below, I have already created a Sheet with Headers using the option above in step 5. So in this step, I select this spreadsheet from the drop-down menu and mapped my fields. 

After mapping your fields, you will be asked to click 'Continue' to proceed. At any point if you need to add more fields to your sheet or application, you can 'Refresh fields' to update your list. 

8. The final step in the process is to Test your Action and Publish your Zap! 

Always test your Action to ensure there are no errors in your field mapping. 

You will see your results from testing your action populate inside of your spreadsheet

After you Test your Action, it's time to Publish your Zap!

And just like that, your done!

Want to learn more about our Integration options, click here

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