Setting up your First Tracking Phone Number

Setting up your First Tracking Phone Number

Setting up your first call tracking number is simple and will only take a few minutes.  

• Start out by logging in to • Go to the  “Call Tracking” menu item and select “Numbers” • Click “Add New Phone Number

This brings us to our very first choice, are we going to use this number for online or offline use?  If you are going to use this number for online use, such as Pay Per Click advertising, Banner Advertising, Social Marketing or any other online source, please click the green “Online” button.  If you just want to use this number for Offline efforts, such as print or billboards, click the blue “Offline” button.  

In this example, we are going to configure this phone number for “Dynamic Number Insertion”.  This is the ability to evaluate the visitor to your site, determine where they came from and replace your phone number on your website dynamically with your tracking phone number.  This option does require you to have the latest Visual Visitor installation code on your site.  If you are using the Visual Visitor Wordpress Plugin, you can click the “Update” button within the plugin to update the code.  This will require you to enter your credentials.  If you installed the Visual Visitor Tracking code directly on your site, you will need to update it with the latest version.  The latest version of the Visual Visitor installation code can be found by clicking on the “Configuration” menu item, then clicking on “Installation”.

After selecting to use Dynamic Number Insertion, you will be prompted with two options.  Option number one, “Create a Number Pool”.  This option will provide the most details about your visitors.  You create a pool of phone numbers and each visitor to your website is given a unique number from the pool.  This number will last during their active session to your website, then be returned to the pool.  With this option, you will need to configure a pool large enough to service your average number of simultaneous visitors on your site.  The best part about using a pool, is the “Keyword tracking” ability.

The second is to configure a “Single Number”.  This provides you with a single tracking number that will be associated with your campaign.  This number can also be tied to a number of sources, such as “Google Adwords”

For this example we are going to configured the Single Number. Click the blue “Create Single” button.

Now that you have selected a “Single Number” to use “Dynamic Number Insertion”, it is time to collect some basic information on what to do with this number.  First we have give this campaign a name, we are using “Google PPC” since we intend to use this number to track all calls from Google Adwords.  You can name these campaigns(numbers) anything you wish, we just recommend using names that will make sense to you later on.  

Next, enter the number where all calls for this tracking number should be forwarded.  For us, it is our main 888 number, but for you, you would enter your local business phone number.  So anytime someone calls this tracking number, the call will be connected to your “Forward Call To” number.

If you wish to forward the call to multiple recipients simultaneously, just click the “+” and enter another phone number to forward to.  This will call both numbers at the same time and the person to answer first will receive the call and the other will receive a disconnect.

We also give you many options for configuring the Dynamic Number Insertion.  As you can see, you have multiple replacement options and formations: 

• Replace only the destination number

  • This will look at the value of the “Forward Call To” phone number and replace on this phone number when it is found on your website

• Replace all phone numbers 

  • This is the most common option, it will evaluate your website and identify all phone numbers on your site.  It will then dynamically change them to the tracking number 

• Replace Only this exact match 

  • This allows you to enter a phone number in the exact format that you would like changed on your site.

It is time to select the source (marketing effort) you want your Dynamic Number Insertion to track.  You have many options and significant flexibility to configure these options.   

• Search

  • If you select “Search”, you must then select which aspects of search. For instance, if you select “Google PPC” in the dropdown box, then the Dynamic Number Insertion will only change your website number to this tracking number if the visitor came from Google by clicking on an Adwords Ad. 

• Referrals 

  • Here you can set a particular site, such as  This would only change the number on your website if this visitor came from 

• Landing Page 

  • Only change the number if the visitor first lands on this particular page.  This is great from when your are running ads that point to new landing pages.  You can see which landing page is generating the most calls. 

• Landing Page Param

• Direct 

  • This means to swap the number if the visitor did not reference a source.  For example, they opened a browser and typed in the domain name of your site. 

• Always Replace

  • The number on the site will always be replaced with this tracking number.

It is time to find a phone number to be used as your tracking phone number.  While you can select local or toll free, we are going to use local for this example.  We are going to search a  local “Atlanta GA” prefix 470.  You should enter a phone prefix for your area, or the area that you want to show your visitors.  Then click “Find Numbers”.  We will go out and locate several available numbers for you to choose from based on your selected prefix.  Select an “available number” in the list and click “Next - Options”.

Now that we have selected our phone number for tracking, it is time to configure some options.   

• Record Call 

  •  We will record the call, you will be able to playback all recordings in the “Call Dashboard” menu Item 
  • You can enter a message that will be broadcast to the call such as “All calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes”. If you do not want a message sent to the caller about the call being recorded, leave the “Message” field blank.  Please check with your state laws on recording call requirements.

 • Whisper Message 

  • We will whisper this message to the recipient of the call.  So when the call is sent to your office and a representative answers the call, this message will be read to them.  Such as “This call is from Google PPC”.  This way, the recipient will have a little information prior to talking to the customer. 

• Transcribe 

  • This will transcribe the call when it is completed.  There is a small charge for this but it will allow you to see the text of the conversations taking place.

This brings us to the “Post Call Processing Options”.  We have many options for handling your call once it is completed.  

• Send Text Message to Caller on Missed Call

  • In growing businesses, it is a frequent occurrence that too many calls are coming in and a call does not get answered in time before they hang up.  This option will allow you to automatically send them a text message in the event that you do not answer the call in time.  For example you could say “Your business is important to us and we are sorry we have missed your call.  A representative will return your call momentarily.” 

• Send Email on Completed Call 

  • This will send an email communication with the information about the call after it is complete.  If you have transcription enabled, the call will be subscribed for you. To add additional emails to notify, click the “+”. 

• Send Text Notification on Completed Phone Call 

  • This will send a text message communication with brief information about the call after it is complete.  To add additional phone numbers to notify, click the “+”. 

• Forward Texts to Email (2 way communication) 

  • If this number receives a Text Message, it will be placed into your “Text Message Inbox”  this can be found under the “Text Msg Inbox” menu item.  This option will forward the content of the inbound text to your email account listed.  You can then respond to the text message by simply replying to the email.  To add additional emails to notify, click the “+”. 
  • If you want to exclude previous content from the email message from being included in your text response, please end your email with “###”, this will remove any content after the pound symbols.

• Send Text Notification on New Text  

  • This will send a text message communication with brief information about the new text message received.  To add additional phone numbers to notify, click the “+”.

The final step is to review your information before proceeding with provisioning the number for you account. Once you have completed your review click “Finish Provision”.

Congratulations, you have completed setting up your first Call Tracking number.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

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