Should I respond to Reviews?

Should I respond to Reviews?

Yes! You should always respond to reviews. By engaging with each review, whether its a positive, neutral, or negative review, it shows that you truly value and care about your customers/clients' feedback. Your customers are the ones who help shape your online reputation by what they are saying about you and your company. 

There are few things more frustrating than receiving a one-star review. Although your impulse may be to ignore negative feedback, this harms your business in the long run. For starters, customers are more inclined to give your business a second chance when you respond professionally. And secondly, businesses that respond frequently to customer reviews often score a higher rating overall. 


To help you through this difficult but necessary step, we have listed some key guidelines below. 


Be professional


Take some time to collect your thoughts before posting a response. Your initial reaction will likely be emotional. This is not something you want to convey in your response. Instead, take a few minutes to formulate a polite, professional reply. Read it over before sending to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.


Be sincere


Always apologize that the customer’s expectations were not met. Resist the urge to correct their criticisms. This paints you in a bad light. It indicates you aren’t taking their opinion seriously. Instead, acknowledge their concerns and apologize for not hitting the mark. 


Be considerate


Offer to take the conversation offline. Customers are more comfortable conversing in private. Provide them with your email or phone number. This demonstrates you value their opinion and are happy to address their concerns. Feel free to ask them what you can do to resolve their poor experience.  


Be Specific


One of the best ways to appease a dissatisfied customer is to list the specific steps you are taking to improve your business. This indicates that you take their opinion seriously and are playing an active role in solving the problem. 


Be prompt


Aim to reply to every review within 48 hours. If you wait too long, you lose the possibility of turning the situation around. The customer will be less inclined to give your business a second chance if it takes a long time for you to address their concerns. By sending a prompt, professional reply you signal to customers that you’re on top of things.

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