The Difference Between Job Title, Level and Function

The Difference Between Job Title, Level and Function

The term job title refers to someone's position within a company. This might be Director of Sales or Head of Product Management. Job level, however, refers to ranking or seniority within a company. Some examples of job levels include: president, owner, partner, director, and manager. Job function indicates an area of expertise. This could include design, education, human resources, sales, etc.

Our contact database includes filters for each of these terms. This allows you to refine your search and generate results that will be most helpful to you. For example, let's imagine you sell accounting software and are using our database to prospect. You want to find good-fit businesses for your prospect list. But it's important to remember, you're contacting employees, not the business as a whole. For this reason, you should be looking for the specific employees that will benefit from your software and are in the position to strike a deal. By using our job level, title and function filters, you can narrow down your search to key decision makers who will understand the value of your products.

How to Apply Job Filters

-To search for contacts, click Who to Contact on the left-side menu. Select Search Contacts.

-To apply filters, click on Advanced Search.

-Select Job Criteria.

-Check the boxes for your preferred filters, job title, level, and/or function. Click the corresponding down-arrow and select preset filters from the menu.

-Click Search.

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