What are keywords?

What are keywords?

Simply put, Keywords are words or phrases that can be typed into a search engine. These terms express intent, or interest, in purchasing a product. For this reason, your search history functions as Intent Data. In other words, it expresses your interest in buying certain products.


In B2B sales, Intent Data is incredibly helpful. It allows you to narrow down your prospect list to businesses that are already in the market for your products. These leads will be easier to convert and therefore earn you a greater ROI.


Identifying and pursuing prospects through Intent Data is known as Intent Marketing. This strategic form of prospecting relies heavily on your choice of keywords. They define the parameters for your ideal customers. Without them, your Intent software won’t know who to look for.  


How to Select Keywords


Keywords can include references to your industry, location, products or services. Let’s imagine you work for an accounting firm based in Boston. Some appropriate keywords include:


·      Accounting software

·      Boston accountants

·      Small business accounting

·      Accounting for contractors


If, for example, you work for a marketing agency, you might select keywords like:


·      Digital marketing strategies

·      Marketing agencies near me

·      Social media marketing tips

·      Best marketing agencies


Notice that the examples above include both broad and specific keywords. While any business could search “accounting software”, only construction companies would search “accountants for contractors.”


In general, specific keywords pull in high quality leads while broad keywords attract a greater number of leads. In order to curate a solid prospect list, consider selecting both specific and broad keywords.


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