What Are Shopping Leads?

What Are Shopping Leads?

Our Who's Shopping tool tells you which businesses are researching topics relevant to your business online. You can use this data to power your prospecting pipeline. These leads already understand the value of your products. They may even be engaging with your competitors. Our data helps you identify these high-quality leads and contact them early, before they've had a chance to settle on a provider. 

Your Who's Shopping data is compiled in a few places:
  1. To get an overview of your Shopping data, visit your Dashboard.
  2. To check your campaign performance, visit the Keyword Summary page.
  3. To get an in depth look at your Shopping leads, visit the Leads page.
What can we tell you about your Shopping Leads?

Our software collects both firmographic data and contact data. Specifically, we can tell you the business's __:
  1. Name
  2. Industry
  3. Employee count
  4. Annual revenue
  5. Address
  6. Phone number
We also provide a list of employees and their contact data. We offer direct lines, cell phone numbers, work emails and personal emails. If you click on a specific lead, you can even find out what their job title is, where they're located, and which college they attended. 

How to View Your Shopping Leads

To view your Shopping Campaign leads, click on the Leads tab. 

Select the Shopping Campaign you want to view.

Select your preferred dates. You can also filter your search on the basis of company or location.

Click Search.

If you would like to export data for one of more leads, check the corresponding box(es) and then click on the Export button.

If you would like to view a specific lead, click on the company name.

When you click on a lead, you can find out more about their industry, location, et. If you scroll down, you will find a list of employees.

If would like to learn more about a specific employee, including available contact data, click on their name.

If you would like to know more about what online activity flagged this company as a lead, click on Intent Signals.

The Intent Signals section tells you (1) which keywords the business engaged with and (2) how many times they engaged with them.

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