What is a saved contact?

What is a saved contact?

Our contact database operates on a credit-based system. In other words, every time you click on a contact, a credit is deducted from your balance. To avoid paying twice to view the same contact, take advantage of our Saved Contacts feature. 

How to Save Contacts

-Click Who to Contact on the left-side menu. Select Search Contacts.

-If you're familiar with the business/contact you're looking for, click on Quick Search. If you want to conduct a search with the use of filters, click on Advanced Search.

-Apply filters by clicking on the drop-down arrows, checking boxes and selecting items from menus.

-Click Search at the bottom.

-To save a contact, check the box on the left and then select Add to My Saved Contacts.

How to View Saved Contacts

-Click Saved Contacts on the left-side menu. Click on a saved contact's name to view their info.

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