What Is Visual Visitor's Who to Contact Plugin

What Is Visual Visitor's Who to Contact Plugin

Our Who to Contact Plugin operates just like our database, only faster. By clicking on the Plugin icon, you can easily uncover business data, including contact details for employees. Simply put, it makes prospecting easier. Instead of opening multiple windows, including the Visual Visitor app, the prospect's website and social media accounts, you can fully research a prospect using the plugin alone.

When you visit a prospect's website, clicking on the Plugin icon will pull up a description of the company, a list of employees, and contact details. 

If you come across a contact you're interested in, click on his or her name. This will provide a variety of details, including his or her job title, alma mater, office location, and contact info. 

Bear in mind that the Plugin is equipped with download, export, and save functionalities so you can revisit promising leads in the future.

Interested in our Who to Contact Plugin? Click here to read more about the benefits. 

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