Why Is Client Email Tracking So Important?

Why Is Client Email Tracking So Important?

Remove the guesswork and know the interest level of your prospects and potential customers with our desktop and email notifications. Once your email is opened, we will alert you right on your desktop as well as send you a detailed email showing the following:

  1. Know that the email was opened
  2. Geographic location that the email was opened from
  3. The date and time that the message was opened
  4. How many times the email was opened
  5. How long it took for that first open to occur

The Purpose of Client Email Tracking:

“Avoid the Proposal Gone Cold” With email tracking, you are tracking the actual engagement of the recipient with the email that you have sent as well as tagging the recipient via link clicks. You will also know whether or not it is opened regardless of the receiver’s notification settings. No Read Receipt settings needed! You will know so much more as well; location where the email was opened from, how many times it has been opened, how long from the actual send time did it take for the email to be opened, and more.

With this communication history at your fingertips, you can take the guesswork out of your prospect’s engagement level!

Features of Client Email:

  1. Works with both G-Suite and Outlook
  2. Use with your Sales/Marketing team
  3. Tracks email opens
  4. Tags users from the email links to your website (With Visual Visitor code)
  5. Real-Time email alerts on opens 
  6. Provides you with detailed history for each tagged email
  7. Tracks link click-throughs to the individual's activity on website 
  8. Included, no increase in price

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