Converting Your +Person Free Trial to a Paid Account

Converting Your +Person Free Trial to a Paid Account

Are you ready to upgrade your free trial to a paid account? 
Converting your free trial account to a +Person paid plan is easy. 

  1. Start by logging into the Visual Visitor dashboard
  2. Then follow the 3-Step Sign-Up Wizard
  3. You will then have an active paid account and be able to enjoy all the benefits of Visual Visitor!

Step 1: From your Visual Visitor Dashboard go to 'Sign Up'.

 You will immediately be brought to our Service Selection screen. From here you will select the plan that best fits your needs. We will have a recommended plan for you based on your traffic during the free trial. That plan will be what suits you best, but you can select any plan you'd like.

Step 2: After your plan is selected you will be brought to our Billing Information screen. Input your card information and hit 'Next'. 

Step 3: Finally, you'll have an overview of the card you input and the plan you chose. If everything looks correct select 'Complete Purchase'.

Once you've selected 'Complete Purchase' you are set with your paid Visual Visitor +Person account. Happy selling!

Learn how to adjust your budget to allow for overage. Click here

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