How to Use the Chrome Plugin

How to Use the Chrome Plugin

Have you ever visited a prospective customer’s website and wondered how to get in touch with them? Plenty of websites have a “Contact Us” page – but filling in their form capture is no guarantee you’ll reach the right person. Luckily, Visual Visitor’s Chrome Plugin can quickly scan a website and uncover a list of contacts. Better yet, it provides contact data including cell phone numbers and direct lines so you don’t have to waste time on hold with the wrong person.


How does the plugin work?

Visual Visitor’s Chrome Plugin works exactly like the app but faster. Instead of searching for a company or contact in the database, you can learn more about them simply by clicking on the Plugin icon.

When you visit a lead’s website and open the Plugin, a sidebar will appear with information including a list of employees and their corresponding contact info.

To evaluate a specific lead, click on their name. The Plugin will tell you their location, alma mater, job title, and more.

To save a contact, simply check the corresponding box and click Add To My Saved Contacts.

To view your saved contacts, click Saved Contacts at the top. 

Interested in our contact database? Click here to read our step-by-step guide.

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