Known Customers and Associates List

Known Customers and Associates List

What Are Suppression Lists?

The Known Customers and Associates list provides you with the ability to process your customers without being charged for identifications. The list supports email addresses in plain text and hashed format using SHA256 encoding.

There are three kinds of Suppression List

  1. Known Customers & Associates
  2. Suppression List
  3. Filter States 

We will be covering the Known Customers and Associates in this article.

The Known Customers and Associates List are tracked, but there is no cost to these identifications. Additionally, they do not get sent to your marketing platforms.
Some examples for the Known Customers & Associates list are:
  1. Active Customers
  2. Employees
  3. Franchises
  4. Vendors
  5. & other groups you do not want to identify 
Known Customers and Associates will show with no locations. This is how you ID them.

We do not validate the Known Customers emails.

How to upload your Known Customers and Associates List.

Step 1. 

From your Visual Visitor Dashboard go to 'Configuration-> Known Customers.'

Step 2:

When uploading to your Known Customer List you can add the email address itself, or upload a hash file. Selection 'Actions' to add your email addresses in the drop down menu.

A hash file is a one way encryption that can turn an email address into a code without people being able to see what that email address is.

You can add an email address or hash file with the Add Addresses or Upload Suppression List. For this example we will be manually adding the addresses.

Step 3 When Selecting Add Customer:

Input your hash file or email address and select 'Add Customer.' 

Step 3 When Choosing Upload a Customer List:

Select 'Upload Customer List' and choose your file then select Upload. 

This file MUST be in a CSV
You can find an example template below or select the Download Sample CSV File in your Upload Known Customers screen.

You're done! 

Once you've input your addresses and/or hash files your list will be updated and nothing else needs to be done. You should see your added contacts on your screen.

To start your Suppression List, click here. 

For help turning emails into SHA256, click here.

You MUST have headers in your upload file. 

The Upload template is attached below.

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