What is CAN-SPAM? 
The CAN-SPAM Act is a Consent Guide for Businesses regarding email marketing legalities. 

When sending out emails whether it be bulk mail, commercial messages, or cold emails there are laws that must be followed.
A few things your emails must contain: 
  1. An option to opt out or unsubscribe from your email list. This must be honored within 30 days. 
  2. A location of your company. This can be the company address or a P.O. Box associated with your business.
  3. No false information. Your reply-to and sending email addresses must be accurately identified.  Meaning that there is no question about who or where that email is coming from. 
Visual Visitor is your data processor. We're helping you make the most of your data. Your consent and CAN-SPAM are up to you. No matter who you hire to help with your website or email acquisition, it is up to you to follow the CAN-SPAM Act and other consent-based laws. Consent-based laws such as a cookie consent banner on your website to track web visitors. Always check your email platform's terms of service for additional rules and regulations. 

No outside party is responsible for the legalities of your emails. 
Want to make sure you're following Cookie Consent Laws? Click here

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