Plus Person Reoccurring Visitor

Plus Person Reoccurring Visitor

Overview of Identification-Based Plans

Our +Person plans are based around your identification budget. These plans allocate a certain number of identifications per month, based on the specific plan your business subscribes to. As a new billing cycle begins each month, the count of identifications is reset, providing fresh idnetifications for the upcoming period.

Identifying Recurring Visitors

Scenario 1: Visitor Identified in Different Billing Cycles

  • Example: A visitor comes on January 1st and then again on February 2nd.
  • Implication: Each visit is in a different billing cycle. Therefore, this visitor will be counted as two separate identifications, one for each month.

Scenario 2: Multiple Visits in the Same Billing Cycle

  • Example: A visitor comes on January 1st, 4th, 18th, and 23rd.
  • Implication: All these visits fall within the same billing cycle. Thus, this visitor is counted as a single identification. Each visit is simply added to their ongoing 'lead journey', not consuming additional identifications.

Maximizing Identification Efficiency

Utilizing the Known Customers List

  • Purpose: To optimize the use of identifications and manage visitor data more efficiently.
  • Function: Visitors on the Known Customers list are not pushed into the system as new leads each time they visit.
  • Benefit: This approach saves identifications, as repeated visits from known customers do not count towards the monthly identification quota.
  • Further Information: Businesses can learn more about the Known Customers list and its implementation to better manage their identification resources.

In summary, understanding the nuances of how recurring visitors are identified in these plans can lead to more efficient use of resources. By strategically employing tools like the Known Customers list, businesses can optimize their visitor management while staying within their identification allotment.

Want to adjust your budget to get more identifications? Click here to learn more.

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