State Suppression List

State Suppression List

We have three Suppression Types!

  1. Suppression List
  2. Known Customer 
  3. Local Filter Suppression

Local Filter Suppression. 

Are you a local business? Only want to receive identifications from states you select? The Local Filter Suppression list only suppresses data from selected states. For example if you have a dentist office in Tennessee you are probably not interested in website visitors from Nebraska.
You can select Tennessee as your only target, and all other identifications will be removed. There is no cost to the identifications from states you do not want.

The Local Suppression List is different than your Lead Notifications. Your Lead Notifications stop the email alert, but still process the data of who is visiting your site. The Local Suppression List will not process the data from outside of the territory you choose.

To start your Local Filter Suppression List:

From your Visual Visitor Dashboard go to your 'Configuration' menu and select 'Filter States'.

Note - The Configuration menu can only be accessed by users with an 'Admin' role setting.

Step 2:

Next you choose the states you would like to receive data from. 
If you only want to receive data from a small number of states it would be easiest to 'Unselect all states' and check the ones you want.

Final Step:

Select "Update your Selected States" to set your Suppression List.

You're all set!

Once you have selected update we will no longer process the states not selected. 

Happy Selling!

Want to know more about Known Customers Lists? Click here.
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