The Benefits of Contact Tagging

The Benefits of Contact Tagging

If you have a robust lead generation process, you likely practice Lead Segmentation. This task works by assigning leads into different groups depending on how closely they align with your Ideal Customer Profile. An Ideal Customer Profile, or ICP, is simply a set of characteristics that define your most valuable customers, like industry, location, annual revenue, and size. You can use these factors to evaluate whether or not a lead is likely to convert. Strong leads deserve priority status - you should place them in a separate group that's easily identifiable. This process is known as Lead Segmentation. 

Contact Tagging is a shortcut to lead segmentation. If you find a promising lead in the Visual Visitor Platform, make sure you hit the Tag button. This will make it easy to revisit this lead in the future when you have time for qualification or nurturing.

What are the advantages of Contact Tagging?

Keeping track of leads is difficult, especially if you're targeting more than 15 each month. Luckily, Visual Visitor makes it easy to tag and segment leads. But why are these steps so important? 

Your lead generation process has a significant impact on your growth. Lead segmentation in particular can help you:
  1. Increase your conversion rate
  2. Personalize your sales pitch
  3. Improve your marketing
  4. Accelerate your sales cycle
It's important to remember that organized sales reps are more likely to succeed.  Lead Segmentation, or Contact Tagging, is the critical first step that puts you on the path to success. So the next time you find a promising lead in the database, make sure you hit the tag button. This simple step will help you segment and qualify leads in the future. 

Interested in Contact Tagging? Click here to read our step-by-step guide.

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