Utilizing the Who to Contact Database

Utilizing the Who to Contact Database

Are you experiencing high bounce rates?

We have a helpful tip for you!

Real-Time Confidence Score. 

We've talked about the real time confidence score before, and we will keep on talking about it! 
The real time confidence score gives you a score between 0-100 to show Visual Visitors confidence of a contact. Between working from home and people changing jobs more frequently, some emails may be higher rated than others. We consider anything above 50 a good email score. This means we see it fit to reach out to that contact, or add them to your emailing list. 
A score below 50 is not considered a valid contact. Your credit for that contact will be refunded. 
We do not recommend using a contact with a low confident score. It will likely bounce. 

An easy way to filter your saved contacts!

Before exporting any contacts we recommend you save them in the contact database first. After saving the contacts you want to reach out to, before exporting, filter the saved contacts by using the real time email score. Any emails that do not match your filtered search will be eliminated from the list. The contacts you have left over from that filtered search are leads we are confident in contacting. 

To Filter your Contact Database using the Email Confidence Score:

Go to: 'Who to Contact - Saved Contacts - Advanced Search - List Criteria' and select 'Email Confidence Score.' Drag your dongle to the score you'd like to start at and select 'Search.'

Still having trouble with emails bouncing?

Click here to learn more about why your emails could be bouncing.

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