Validating the Contact Records - Breaking Down the Email Scores

Validating the Contact Records - Breaking Down the Email Scores

Have you noticed numbers next to a contact you searched? 

Each lead for Visual Visitor comes with an email score between 0-100. This scale is basically a database confidence level of the email contact you have looked up.  

Why Do I See Two Numbers?

When searching for contacts in our database or with our Chrome plug-in, you get two scores. You'll see one in grey and one in blue. The grey score is a historical score. This is the confidence level of their previous or "historical" email address. 
The blue score is their current score or "real-time" email address confidence score. After researching a contact you will sometimes see "pending" instead of a score. This is the database working its magic and it will get back to you with a confidence score.  

I Used a Credit and the Scores are Low. Was That a Waste? 

No, it was not. If you used a contact credit and the real-time score is 40 or below, you will be refunded your credit.

What Makes a Good Confidence Score?
A good confidence score is 50 or above. 

To Get to Your Contact Screen: In your Dashboard go to 'Who To Contact -> Search Contacts' and begin filling out the information of the company or person you are searching for.
Alternatively, you can use our Chrome Plug-Ins for directory look-up while you're on a company website. 

Want to learn more about our Chrome Plug-In? Click here.

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