What is Visual Visitor’s email campaign feature and how is it different from other products?

What is Visual Visitor’s email campaign feature and how is it different from other products?

Visual Visitor can now be integrated with your current email campaign strategy! This new feature allows you to track email addresses that come to your site through your email blasts. All you have to do is to add the code we create (similar to the code you added to your website) to the links in your email campaign. This code tracks the visitor and will include their email address in our real-time alerts.

With this email campaign feature, Visual Visitor is going beyond just identifying companies – we are also identifying consumers.  It does not matter if your visitor is an individual consumer or a company employee if they are coming in through one of your Identify Anyone email blasts!

Visual Visitor’s Identify Anyone feature is different from other services in that it will allow you to track the visits from this user – always. We do not require that the visitor keeps coming to your site through that email/newsletter in order to track them. Just like with our business prospect alerts, we will report to you all visits from this user: their current page views, previous page views by visit, summary of previous page views, and the summary of keywords used.

  1. Works with any email marketing tool
  2. Use with your company/customer newsletters
  3. Tracks all visitors that you have an email address for
  4. Tags the visitor so we keep tracking return visits, no matter the referral source
  5. Real-Time email alerts on exact individuals
  6. Be alerted by the prospect's email address
  7. Included, no increase in price

Learn how to configure yours here
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